The Community Contact Center For Growth (3CG) is a non-profit organization that was officially founded in 2011.  Through the vision of Pastor Jacob D. R. Johnson of The Growing Valley Baptist Church, 3CG was established with the sole purpose of putting the community first.

Upon seeing the vast needs of the diverse City of Lancaster and surrounding areas, Pastor Johnson was led to increase outreach with a more formal and focused plan.  In order to better serve and expand outreach, Pastor Johnson led the charge in developing an organization that would allow the church to focus on the spiritual needs of the soul while a separate organization was crafted to specifically meet the needs of the community in areas where the church perhaps could not.  In doing so, the new organization could operate independently working in cohort with other community organizations to make the Antelope Valley an even better place.

Commissioned to serve as 3CG Board of Directors are (in alphabetical order):

William Boarden

Lorrain Hines

Jody Hudson

Jacob D. R. Johnson

Sharon D. Johnson

Brenda Robinson

JoAnn Russell

Ogie Williams

While our work extends as far back as 1995, 3CG has formally and more recently proudly partnered with the following organizations and/or accomplished the following:

The future endeavors of 3cG include but are not limited to: housing and activities for seniors, health and wellness seminars, education forums and tutoring, working with more community partners to assist single men and women with children, day care facilities, after school programming, sports camps, employment workshops, prisoner re-entry programs, and much more.