Pastoral Care
Servant Leader: Deacon Ogie Williams & Sis. Delois Jarvis

The role of the Pastoral Care Ministry (PCM) is to lead the church in the all out support of the ministry of our Pastor and his family.  There are several ways we care for our Pastor.  Our goal is to go beyond "anniversaries" or "appreciations" once a year, but rather to show our love and support of our Pastor and his family 365 days of the year.  We desire our love and ministry to our Pastor and family to truly reflect the Philippian churches ministry and love to Paul found in Philippians 4:15-19.

Some ways to show love to Pastor, Lady Sharon, & Joshua:

- Praying for our Pastor & our leading family's health, well being, safety, strength, and love for one another

- Evangelizing to both unbelievers and believers without constant church affiliation

- Being a Good Church Member (see Book I Am A Church Member)

- Supporting the ministries of the church

- Taking them out to dinner after worship

- Driving Pastor to one of his many meetings around the area, district, or state

- Providing love gifts, both financial and other

- Traveling with the church during outings

These are just some of the ways we can show love to our Pastor and his family as he leads us spiritually into Kingdom work.  To God be the glory as we set the example of how a pastor and people shou;d reflect God's love to all!

  July 2018  
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