Publications Ministry
Servant Leader: Brenda Robinson

The Newsletter Ministry produces our church publication called the Growth Spurt.  The Growth Spurt is our church newsletter/newspaer that continues to keep the church "in the loop" with ministry happenings.  As the Growth Spurt staff and vision expand, it will become a monthly newsletter to help keep GVBC up to date with all of the happenings around, particularly pastoral insights, Vision 2020, GVBC events, celebrations, and surrounding Antelope Valley community.

If there are any articles or story ideas, please submit them to the Growth Spurt at:

Growth Spurt Staff

Editorial Staff: Brenda Robison, Pastor Jacob D. R. Johnson

Staffers: Celestine Williams, Deacon Ogie Williams

Reporters/Columnist: Sylvia Dunmeyer, Donna Hill, Becky Williams

Photos/Graphics: Michael High, Willie Thomas, Ogie Williams


  July 2018  
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