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Servant Leader Cornelius Faison IV

My musical addiction started by being a voracious listener as a child. Gospel via my Grandmother (a Protestant Bishop). Jazz from my Dad's excellent record collection, vocal Pop from my Mother's radio selections and from my own devotion to Pop/R&B/Free Form Rock radio and forays into various ethnic neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY (Puerto Rican, Italian, Jewish, Irish, Caribbean, etc).

One birthday I received a small transistor radio. I'd listen to it every available moment during the day. And every evening, instead of getting the required sleep for an adolescent, I'd have it on all night under my pillow. While in Junior High School, determined to become a participant as well as a listener. I convinced my Mother to get me a set of drums. I could play any Hendrix, Cream Doors, Rascals tune you could name and did so in a number of local bands. However it was the innovative Hendrix guitar sounds that made me switch from drums to guitar at 17.

My eye opening experience with the realities of the record industry came during my tenure with one of L.A.'s.'s all Black Rock groups in the 80's (pre Living Color). It was there that I actually saw how the sausage is made. Without going into detail, it was not a pretty picture. That experience made me "fall back on"  my technical background and go to work for an historic manufacturer of recording equipment.

About 5 years ago the lure of music creation led me, along with a long time friend and band mate to create the independent music label Tribal Records...

Mission statement: To produce and disseminate music by less known artist who are as good as or better than the stars. This company will be eclectic in terms of genres but will not indulge in music, which is purely commercial. We will produce music of high character and emphasis will be on music with strong statements either instrumentally or with lyrics. In other words: music as art, not cheap entertainment the masses.

The musician and technical life paths have allowed me to come in contact with past, present and possibly future icons of the music industry.

  January 2021  
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